What is the Allscripts MyWay EMR & PM solution?

The Allscripts Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, & Claims Management Solution was created for offices with 1-5 physicians looking for a complete solution that is simple, complete, and affordable. This complete solution enables a provider to streamline current processes while maintaining the existing work flow in the practice.

Simple – intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use. Created to work the way you do. Allscripts MyWay offers unique features that match the way providers practice medicine.

Complete – an integrated solution that enhances clinical, business, and financial performance with EHR, Practice Management, and Claims Management capabilities.

Affordable – choose between an OnDemand offering (SaaS) or an on premise solution (installed on a server at your site). You’ve got the flexibility to pick the best approach for your practice to balance capital
budgets, equipment, operating costs, and your own information technology expertise.

The average Return On Investment (R.O.I.) for a solo practitioner using EMR is $240,000 over a 5 year period due to reduction in transcription expenses, increase in coding levels and revenue with improved documentation, decrease in staff required for pulling and maintaining charts, complete reduction in need to develop charts for new patients, and reduction in supply expenses. To see the type of savings your specific clinic can experience

Giving you the tools you need to track the health of the business

Clinical activities are at the core of every practice, so you’d expect electronic medical records to be the most important tool in a physician’s medical kit. Even if the benefits were limited to just letting doctors work more efficiently and see more patients, without compromising the quality of care, the value of EMR would be unquestionable.

You can expect more from Allscripts MyWay. Efficient workflows and aids to help maintain the quality of care are just part of the story. With the integrated EMR capabilities of Allscripts MyWay, you get unbeatable performance that let’s physicians work the way they want to and be the best at what they do.

  • Patient History
    Get instant access to patient files and clinical details from any location, at any time. Share pertinent data securely with practice colleagues, or across other medical facilities in a connected healthcare community. Need a one-page summary for a quick review? It’s just a click away. Having all the information you need in electronic form and in one place eliminates the paper chart chase and missing file syndrome forever.

  • Clinical Charting
    You’re in control, with flexibility to match your workflow. The adaptive learning and intelligent navigation features of Allscripts MyWay EMR speed up the entire documentation process … and the more you use it, the more it follows your preferences and routines. Build and save recurring findings and prescriptions as order sets you can use repeatedly. Add clinical descriptions on the fly; access lab results, images, and notes to complete the picture. Work with multiple symptoms or multiple patients at the same time; that’s the reality of a primary care practice. And, there are no templates to limit your options. Chart as you go and go to any screen to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and completely.

  • ePrescribing
    It’s never been simpler to write, send, refill and track prescriptions. Access medication histories, look up formularies, and check for interactions to safeguard patients. This aspect of your daily routine just got a lot easier.

  • Lab Orders and Results
    These activities build an important part of patient records, and also impact your workload and schedule. Now you can quickly create panels of commonly ordered tests, or order multiple tests with a single click. Incoming results are easy to track; you get a notification message with the results automatically attached to the patient record.

  • Patient Follow-up
    Caring for patients doesn’t end when the visit is over. They want to know lab results quickly, too; and others need health maintenance reminders or disease management recommendations. Allscripts MyWay can automate routine communications and keep patients in the know while updating patient records and demonstrating your practice’s support of P4P (Pay for Performance) programs. Easy access to all the information you need; intelligent and intuitive ways to take care of daily clinical activities; flexibility to match your workflows and routines; the ability to focus on patients without worrying about the underlying technology. Allscripts MyWay is created to work the way you do.


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