PAconnect Security Stack

The Multi Layered Approach To Network, Server & Workstation Security.

Our security stack includes the core security services to protect your business from a broad range of threats.

Core Stack Security Services


Email Security

DNS Protection

Endpoint Security

Firewalls are essential for securing the network perimeter and separating trusted from untrusted connections. They will protect network resources and infrastructure against unauthorized access.  Firewalls also provide a means to secure connections between office locations and to connect employees more securely from remote locations. This is our first layer of protection we suggest that you put in place.

Email Security is a prime attack vector for security failures. Providing a means to secure your system from these attacks takes a multi-layered approach through training to increase awareness of what these attacks look like, as well as providing barriers to help prevent the attacks from ever succeeding. Using scheduled training, advanced email protection software, email encryption products and more we help you to lock down your security on this attack path.

DNS Protection: Providing an additional layer of protection between an employee and the internet by blacklisting dangerous sites and filtering out unwanted content. By using secure DNS servers both at home and at work, employees can avoid unnecessary risks and the potential for malicious attacks.

Endpoint Security Solutions add another layer to our security stack. Our products provide automated patch management on your systems and AI and Machine learning level security to protect your system from malware, trojans and ransomware attacks. Our premium package also provides active threat hunting and remedial diagnostics for those of you who require a more critical security stance and ability to document any intrusion/attack attempts to your network. Our goal is to provide the right level a protection at a price that you are able to afford and take advantage of.

Our service portfolio includes:

     Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

     Security Compliance for NIST, HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC and many more

     Cyber Security Health Checks

     Network Penetration Testing

     Web Application Security Assessments

     Phish Threat Management & Training

     Policy and Procedure Assessments and Updates

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These services are tailored to the specific needs of each client that we support. Our additional customizable services include, but are not limited to:

     Data loss protection

     Security helpdesk

     Email archiving and backup services

     Vulnerability scanning and patch management

     Security policy management

     Security information and event management (SIEM)

     Incident response and remediation

     Awareness training & phishing email simulations

     Endpoint Security Protection 

     Cloud Email Security or Advanced Threat Protection 

     Timed access control

     Authentication and password security


     Data-centric security 


     Firewalls (hardware or software) 

     Intrusion detection systems (IDS) 

     Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) 

     Logging and auditing 

     Multi-factor authentication 

     Vulnerability scanners   

     Virtual private network (VPN)   


Q) What is server monitoring

A) Provides you with a service that monitors your Network Servers Health. Reports on issues that could disrupt the functioning of your network and does this continuously 24x7. The monitoring service is non-intrusive and interacts with our technicians to provide you with quick response to any issues that become apparent. In our premium security package, we add another 24/7 monitoring group specifically looking for security issues and resolving them quickly and efficiently.

Q) Why do I need it:

A) There are a combination of reasons you might want to have this service.

1) Increased Productivity - by informing us of suspicious issues on your network. Our automated software is constantly watching your system and reporting any issues to our technicians. This in turn enables us to prevent costly downtime of your network.

2) Prevents Smaller issues from getting worse - When a network fails, it can take some time to be fixed. simple fixes in this nature will prevent bigger issues from occurring and will require minimal assistance from our IT team.

3) Increased Security - Continuous monitoring of the system’s immediate installation of security patches and firewalls highly reduce the chance of the system failing due to hackers.

4) Advanced warning on Important Hardware Upgrades - There comes a time when all of the hardware needs to have an update. With an advanced warning can show the difference between a seamless server experience or hours of unwanted downtime. Remote monitoring helps you know which processor usage is at its limits, and when the hard drive disk space runs low and more.

5) Fix Issues More Efficiently - When the server is down, time is money. Server monitoring software makes it easier to solve problems for network professionals thus costing you less

6) Manage Growing, Dynamic Networks

Q) What do you mean by a multi-layered approach?

A) You cannot rely on just one method of protecting your network from failure or attack. It requires several strategically positioned tools to provide a comprehensive security framework. Every network is different, but PAconnect can help you create a plan that provides the best approach that you can afford. We suggest that you put into place the following components:

Backup Strategy both local and offsite backups

Firewall to protect your network from intrusion attacks and provide secure communication avenues between offices, vendors, clients and your employees.

Email Protection to provide secure transmission of email, loss of data, and to prevent this from being a source of attacks.

Network Monitoring to notify of problems or issues on your network.

Endpoint Security to provide the last point of protection to your network.

And more…

Ensure you know where your risks and vulnerabilities are, contact us to get started today.