Desktops & Workstations

Our standards are second to none

At PAconnect we build custom PCs for every application. Whether you need a computer for 3D rendering, for video editing, or for working on clients’ tax returns.

Our custom-built desktop PCs are of a rare and exclusive breed. Meticulously designed, expertly engineered and extensively tested, our PCs are fully optimized, very powerful, quiet and reliable. Our standards are second to none.

We also offer PC's from our select manufacturing such as Dell, Lenovo & Acer.

Our technicians will:

  • Listen to your needs and help you maximize the value of your technology investment. Unlike the typical super store, PAconnect technicians will listen to your requirements and translate those requirements back into computer specifications.
  • Help you find the right end-to-end technology solution for your future growth objectives.
  • Obtain accelerated product replacement, enabling you to receive Intel products quickly, keeping your systems up and running with greater reliability.

Three Year Warranty

Our Custom-Built Desktop PC’s and Servers from PAconnect come with an exclusive 3 Year Hardware Warranty